About Me

I’m an avid book reader and film watcher, and writer.  I currently work in higher education, but have a “jill-of-all trades” history having dabbled in the normal (waiting tables and retail) and the less normal (transcriptionist for animal specialty surgeons). My work in higher education has produced several educational blog contributions and a critical chapter in Sacred and Immoral: On the Writings of Chuck Palahniuk (under the name Heidi Ashbaugh). Currently I am at work on a novel, some short stories, and some other artistic projects.

About the Blog

The fun of reading books and watching movies is being able to talk with others about them. It is my hope that by sharing my ideas here others might find a commonly held opinion or interesting idea on which to comment. I have a background in literary criticism and rhetoric, but what I write here will most likely fit into those areas in very loose terms. Typically I find that reviews and discussions of works take the interpretation of “criticism” a little too literally. They focus primarily on the negative aspects of a work, which is not where my ideas tend to start. So, look for me to place a more positive slant on things. I’m writing about things that I find entertaining, which means “enjoyable” and “amusing” in some way, and I am often easily entertained.

Contact Info

Email: hjash@loreleibystarlight.com
Facebook: Lorelei by Starlight

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I found your blog and thought I would suggest an author whose works you might find interesting, C. M. Eddy, Jr. an author who was published in Weird Tales Magazine during the 1920’s. His grandson has collected some of his stories and offer them in a couple of collections. The website is http://www.fenhampublishing.com
    There is info about Mr. Eddy and some aspects of his life and career on the site as well.

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