Fun Monster Horror in Blood Glacier

Movie posterI’m a fan of foreign horror, and lately I’ve been really enjoying some of the European horror out there. Blood Glacier was a movie that I remembered hearing a few good things about when it first came out. The first thing to know about this movie is that it is on the scale of a slightly better than average Syfy channel movie. But, I am someone who is often in the mood to enjoy these types of movies, and I found a lot to like in Blood Glacier.

The story focuses on some scientists in the Alps who discover a mysterious red substance on one of the glaciers. This substance begins having an effect on the animals in the area, mutating them into bizarre cross-breeds with disturbing, violent, and bloody results for the scientists. The hero of the story is Janek, who is basically the handyman for the expedition and has stayed at the outpost for more consecutive assignments than anyone in history. Janek is an interesting rogue who enjoys his liquor, hanging out with his dog, and gives no effs as to what anyone else thinks about him. A complication arises when, just as the scientists are realizing that there is a major problem, the outpost receives a visit from the Prime Minister and her entourage, which includes Janek’s long-lost love, Tanja. Eventually, Janek and Tanja must fight for their lives against the various monstrous new species that are being created.

Scientists looking at the glacier

So, here are a few things I liked about the movie:

  • some excellent creepy monsters – it seems like good monster flicks are in short supply lately, and the mutated species in this movie were actually pretty fun

Mutated creature

  • some wonderful funny lines, like “Stop eating that banana while you are crying!”
  • a willingness to just go for it – the characters are interesting, over-the-top eccentrics, which kind of works for reclusive scientist types (or, powerful government officials); the mutations are creative and reminiscent of Carpenter’s The Thing; and the ending is ridiculously over the top and end-of-life-as-we-know-it
  • the visual production quality is good and the special effects are not bad

Basically, I thought this was a fun movie with some pretty good scares here and there. It made me jump and laugh, which I like every now and then. I would definitely recommend it if you are into some of the less “horrifying” horror.

As Above So Below: Terror and Treasure Hunting

Poster from As Above So BelowFound footage films are pretty much hit or miss at this point. However, I have to say that I was definitely enjoyed As Above So Below. The movie didn’t appear to do too well in the theaters, and was only there for a short time, but I found quite a bit about it to like.

The focus of the film is Scarlett, a treasure hunter type, who is following up on her deceased father’s life’s work – searching for the philosopher’s stone. (Note: If they had marketed this aspect of the film when it came out, I would have headed to the theater for sure!) After finding bits and pieces of clues around the world, she eventually ends up in Paris, where she enlists the help of her estranged friend (lover?) George. George is reluctant at first – still a bit bitter about their last escapade where he was apparently left by her in a Turkish jail – but eventually can’t resist and joins up with her to search for what they hope will be pay dirt in the catacombs of Paris.

NOTE: Beware all ye who proceed further – spoilers await.

Scarlett and George find the final clue to the philosopher stone’s location hidden behind an exhibit in a museum accompanied by the Latin acronym which translates to, “Visit the earth’s interior parts; by rectification you shall find the hidden stone.” They quickly realize that they will need help locating a hidden tunnel, which is supposed to be beneath the grave of the renowned alchemist Nicholas Flamel. They collect a crew of peeps, all equipped with headlamps and cameras. and are led by self-trained guide Papillon on a search for the hidden tunnel.

And things begin to go wrong almost immediately. After climbing through a particularly large stack of femurs, they find themselves right back where they started. Tunnel entrances that Papillon has never seen before appear, as do a piano, a ringing telephone, a burning car and other things that shouldn’t possibly be there, including a former pal of Papillon’s who was thought to have died in the tunnels on a previous adventure. This mysterious addition to the group proceeds to help them find the way out by leading them deeper and deeper.

Scarlett enters a tunnel underneath the inscription "abandon hope all ye who enter here"

Eventually, they find a treasure chamber, and a stone that appears to have the magical capabilities rumored of the philosopher’s stone. But, of course, like all treasure chambers, there is a trap. The way out is closed to them. It is in this room that Scarlett encounters an painting on the wall, which indicates the alchemical principle of “as it is above, so it is below, as it is within, so it is without.” They are forced to continue further into the catacombs, descending ever deeper.

Alchemical image for "as above so below"There are several comparisons to the hellish descent in Dante’s Inferno, and things really begin to get scary when they are forced to enter a small, crawlspace below the inscription, “Abandon all hope ye who enter here.” On the other side, they encounter a room the mirror image of the one they just left with the same painting reversed and at this point the trip gets even creepier. Demonic creatures lurk in the shadows, people are hurt and killed, horrible secrets from their consciences come back to haunt them, and it becomes increasingly clear that they are progressing through a horrific mirror image of their journey as each cavern they enter is an oppositely oriented duplicate of the ones they previously explored.

The key to the movie is the fact that they must “rectify” themselves in order to find the stone. And, eventually Scarlett catches on to this. I won’t give away the ending, but it is definitely interesting. Between the treasure hunting aspect, alchemy references, Dante, and the catacombs themselves, this was a movie designed to hook me. If you are into the same type of things, you should definitely check this one out!